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New Method for Submitting Sup Org Change Requests

Last updated Thursday, January 3, 2019

In continuing efforts to improve our user’s experience, we are very pleased to announce that units can now submit their Supervisory Organization (Sup Org) Change requests using newly revised spreadsheets, and through a new web form. This process change is intended to streamline the routing of requests and speed up processing times.

Units will continue to use the appropriate Workday Supervisory Organization Request spreadsheet (all of which have been updated; if you have the old spreadsheets saved to your computer or bookmarked, please update your files or links). But rather than emailing the completed spreadsheet to the ISC, the unit’s Supervisory Organization’s HR/Academic Partner will now submit the spreadsheet(s) through a dedicated “Sup Org Change Request” form – one for each type of Sup Org request:

  • Creating a new Sup Org
  • Creating a new Sup Org and moving non-student workers into it
  • Updating an existing Sup Org
  • Moving non-student workers to an existing Sup Org

Links to the new online Sup Org Request forms, along with detailed guidance, can be found on the Supervisory Organizations page on the ISC website.

Reminder: Submitting Sup Org change requests using the spreadsheets and web forms is only for non-student workers; units can already move student workers between Sup Orgs. For step-by-step guidance, please see the Move Student Workers User Guide.


*Medical Centers employees do NOT use these spreadsheets/web forms. For Sup Org change requests for Med Centers, please email with details about the type of change being requested. A member of the WMS team will create a ticket for your request.