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Integrated Service Center

Reminder: Merit and Faculty Unit Adjustments Validation Period September 13-14

Last updated Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Beginning September 13, department administrators will need to review and verify the accuracy of merit and faculty unit adjustments by running the Merit Adjustment Validation R0535.2 report in Workday. If corrections are necessary (meaning that rate recommendations submitted to the Office of Planning & Budgeting and approved by Academic Personnel or HR Compensation are not accurately reflected in Workday), units will need to submit a ticket to the ISC.

Please refer to the bottom of page 8 of the OPB’s Process Guide for Merit and Faculty Unit Adjustment, FY2019 ) for specific instructions on what information to include in tickets. Corrections must be received by the ISC by the end of day on September 14 to ensure processing for the September 25 paycheck.

As a reminder, the ISC will prioritize Corrections over Changes. Changes will be reviewed as received.