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Integrated Service Center

Preparing for the End of the Restricted Entry Period on September 14

Last updated Tuesday, September 11, 2018

As a reminder, the Restricted Entry Period for merit-impacting transactions ends at noon on September 14. Once the restrictions in Workday are lifted, units can begin entering any Request Compensation Change, Change Job, and/or Change Job Data Change transactions they’ve been holding onto during the Merit restricted entry period.

Please submit your HCM transactions for the September 1-15 pay period as early as possible on the afternoon of September 14. The team at the ISC is aware of the narrow transaction window, and will be doing everything they can to process as many requests and approvals as possible prior to payroll cutoff.

Units should prioritize entry of any transactions with an effective date between September 1 and September 15 in order to meet payroll deadlines (refer to the HCM & Payroll Calendar).

For more details about what Workday transactions are restricted during the merit process, please see the Office of Planning and Budgets (OPB’s) Process Guide for Merit and Faculty Unit Adjustment, FY2019 (especially pages 4 and 5).