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Integrated Service Center

Working With New Hires? Accurate Home Address is Critical!

Last updated Thursday, September 6, 2018

As funny as it might sound, one of the most common problems we encounter in the ISC during the onboarding process for a new employee is a missing or incorrect home address. Unfortunately, though it sounds simple, the negative impact for the employee is great: if a home address is incorrect, the employee may be offered the wrong benefits plan options, such as a medical plan outside of their service area – or worse yet, if no home address has been entered in Workday, the ISC can’t finalize benefits enrollments with the plans, which may potentially delay the employee’s ability to access coverage. In addition, a missing or inaccurate home address can delay an employee’s pay or even result in incorrect taxation. It is critical that all employees have a correct address in Workday, and designate that address as their primary mailing address.

Please encourage your new hires to carefully review their Workday records as part of their orientation tasks. During orientation, new hires are asked to confirm that their home address is correct and complete in Workday.

Units can quickly review which new employees are missing addresses by running the Onboarding Status Summary report.