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Integrated Service Center

Best Practices: Contacting the ISC

Last updated Tuesday, September 4, 2018

As some of you have already heard, in continuing efforts to improve our service and support, the ISC has been examining our internal workflows and looking for opportunities to speed up our response time. One way you can help is by sending your Workday inquiries to rather than emailing your HCM Service Partner directly. Similarly, there is no need to “CC” your Service Partner on the tickets you create – Tier 1 will route incoming tickets directly to the Service Partner responsible.

Creating a ticket is advantageous for a number of reasons:

  • Faster Turnaround: Having fewer inboxes to manage means that Service Partners can more readily and quickly prioritize and answer your tickets. It also eliminates the possibility of your message being lost or forgotten, as UW Connect keeps a persistent record of all requests.
  • Status Updates: You can always review the status of your tickets by visiting My Requests. Additionally, the link to My Requests can be found in the confirmation email you receive when you first create a ticket.
  • Coverage: Messages in UW Connect are accessible by all ISC staff, which means other team members can fill in when Service Partners are out of the office or have a high volume of requests.
  • Traceability: Using tickets rather than email means all relevant information and discussion about a particular issue are captured in a single place for easy reference and review.
  • Data and Metrics: When all the data for as issue resides in one location (ie, in UW Connect, rather than in both UW Connect and an email inbox), it is easier to review – both the ISC and unit leaders regularly audit ticket data to identify opportunities for training and improvement, and also to determine if workloads are being evenly distributed.

For these reasons, beginning September 4, HCM Service Partners will prioritize UW Connect tickets and will no longer be responding to Workday inquiries they receive via email. Rest assured, if you have an urgent issue that impacts employee pay or benefits in the current pay period, you can always include the phrase “Pay Impacting” or “Benefits Impacting” in your subject line so we know to expedite our response. In addition, for extremely urgent matters that require immediate attention, we ask that you work with your unit’s Named Support Contact (NSC) who can contact Service Partners directly by phone.

We appreciate your help in streamlining our workload so we can serve you better.