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PERS 2 Rate Change on September 25 Paychecks

Last updated Wednesday, September 26, 2018

The State of Washington Department of Retirement Systems (DRS) announced new contribution rates effective September 1, 2018 for employees enrolled in a PERS Plan 2 retirement plan.

The new employee contribution rate for PERS 2 members will increase from 7.38% to 7.41% of gross eligible wages on September 1. Employees with PERS 2 will see this change on their September 25 paycheck. Retirement plan contributions are tax-deferred.

PERS 2 members will see the UW’s employer contribution to their plans increase from 12.70% to 12.83% of gross eligible wages effective September 1.

For more information on current and past contribution rates, please visit the DRS website: Contribution Rates – Member.

If you have questions about this rate change, you can contact the DRS directly either by email to or phone 1-800-547-6657.