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Updated: R0012 Audit Unpaid Holiday Now Includes Cyclic Yearly Time Off

August 8, 2018

In response to requests from campus, the R0012 Audit Unpaid Holiday report has recently been updated to display Cyclic Yearly Time Off. As a reminder, Cyclic Yearly Time Off removes an employee from paid status, and in order for an employee to be eligible for holiday time, that employee must be in paid status (currently working or on paid time off, such as vacation time) during that last scheduled work shift immediately preceding a holiday as follows:

  • Professional Staff: in pay status for at least four hours
  • Contract Classified Staff: in pay status for at least four hours, unless the collective bargaining agreement states otherwise
  • Classified Non-Union Staff: in pay status the entire work shift

To help track unpaid time entered on the last working shift before a holiday, the report will display any Unpaid Time Off, including Cyclic Yearly Time Off, entered in the five days before the holiday – including when employees enter partial days to account for working less than their entire work shift. The report also displays the employee’s Work Schedule Calendar, for easier review.

We recommend units run R0012 Audit Unpaid Holiday after every holiday, in order to monitor whether employees have correctly (or incorrectly) entered Holiday Taken Time Off.

Please reach out to employees who must revise any incorrectly taken Holiday Time Off entries to Unpaid Time Off on the holiday. Follow the overpayment process if an overpayment has already occurred.

To read more about UW’s holiday time off policy, please visit UWHR’s Holiday web page.