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Integrated Service Center

Identifying Employees with Upcoming Service Award Anniversaries

August 8, 2018

Departments can run R0441 Service Award Date by Organization (formerly called R0449.2 Service Recognition Reporting) to quickly see their employee’s Anniversary Date and Years of Service.

The Anniversary Date is used to determine when a regular classified or professional staff employee is eligible for the UW Recognition Program, and which awards an employee can receive given the amount of their continuous years of service. Service awards are given to eligible employees at each 5-year mark of continuous service to the UW (ie, 5 year anniversary, 10 year anniversary, etc).

For more information about the service awards – including how to prepare the Service Award Certificate, a Service Recognition FAQ, and an overview of what awards are available – please see UWHR’s UW Service Recognition Program webpages.

This report is available to HR Partners and Managers. The report includes contact information for an employee’s Manager, so HR Partners can quickly notify supervisors of upcoming service award anniversaries.