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Reminder: Restricted Entry Period 2 for Merit Begins Tomorrow

July 31, 2018

With the second Restricted Entry Period for merit starting on Wednesday, units will want to pay special attention to the OPB’s Matrix of Restricted Actions grid (page 5) for a detailed list of which select Workday business processes must be avoided between August 1 and September 14.

The restricted period applies only for merit-eligible employees. Additionally, the Hire and Termination business processes are not restricted during the merit process, and units can still extend Compensation End Dates with an effective date before September 1, 2018.

If you attempt to submit a restricted transaction during the Restricted Entry Period, a red error message will appear in Workday and you will need to cancel the process.

Units will be able to begin entering currently restricted transactions starting on September 14 after merit is loaded in Workday. Please be aware that this is a narrow window for entering and approving transactions for the September 15 pay period (see the HCM & Payroll Calendar for deadlines); units who anticipate a high volume of transactions may wish to plan ahead and schedule workflows accordingly.

Any restricted entry exceptions will need to be approved by Academic HR and Compensation. If you have questions about an exception, please email with the subject line “FY2019 Merit Process Question.”

For additional information, you may also refer to OPB’s website and the OPB’s Process Guide for Merit and Faculty Unit Adjustment, FY2019.