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Approve Time, Run R0321 to Catch Payroll Errors Ahead of Time

July 24, 2018

This past pay cycle, our Payroll team received a uncommonly high volume of requests for On-Demand paychecks – approximately four times as many during an average pay cycle.

As you might guess, processing so many On-Demand checks is extremely time-consuming. We would definitely prefer focusing on your other outstanding payroll requests! The most common reasons we are seeing for this increased volume:

  • Employee End Dates weren’t extended
  • Compensation Plan End Dates weren’t extended
  • Failure to approve time

We have noticed that payroll errors dramatically decrease when units run the R0321 Upcoming End Employment Dates report each pay cycle. If your unit hasn’t already, please consider adding this report to your team’s regularly scheduled “To Do List” for each pay period. The report identifies employees with end dates that have passed; units can then either extend or terminate those employees as appropriate… and in the process, catch potential underpayments well ahead of time.

Time and Absence Approvers are also encouraged to regularly run the R0521 Summarized Time Tracking Audit and R0521.1 Detailed Time Tracking Audit reports to look for unsubmitted and/or unapproved time. For a list of other reports that can be run to reduce payroll errors, please see our Payroll-Impacting Reports by Security Role page.