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Reminder: Entering Tracking Time Offs When Employee on Leave

July 23, 2018

Entering Tracking Time Offs for an employee on Leave is critical for monitoring how many days that employee has used toward their Leave entitlement. Specifically, HR Partners and Academic Partners are asked to enter Tracking Time Offs when employees are on the following Leaves of Absences:

  • Parental/Family Leave
  • Military Caregiver Leave
  • Disability Leave
  • Workers Compensation Leave
  • Intermittent Leave
  • General Leave – Sick/Injured/Family Member Care

For these Leave types, HR Partners and Academic Partners will receive a To Do notification in Workday during the Request Time Off and the Correct Time Off business processes, asking them to enter Tracking Time Offs as needed for the employee on a Leave of Absence.

Please note: Routing for Tracking Time Off notifications have recently been improved so that HR Partners and Academic Partners no longer receive these To Dos for Leaves of Absence that do not require Tracking Time Offs.

Some considerations when adding Tracking Time Offs:

  • Tracking Time Offs should match the days and hours for which Time Offs are reported.
  • For Intermittent Leave, please remember to only enter FMLA Tracking Time Off for those Time Offs with “FMLA” entered in the comment field.

Units can run R0032 Workers on Leave (LOA) Audit: Tracking, Paid or Unpaid Time Off to help identify employees who should or should not be paid during a Leave of Absence.

For more information about the steps required in Workday for Tracking Time Offs and Leaves of Absence, see our User Guides:

Additionally, we also recommend reviewing our Leave of Absence Job Aid, which provides a helpful snapshot of what an ideal Leave of Absence Calendar would look like for Staff and Faculty, as well as our Leave of Absence (FMLA Only) – Journey Map, an illustrated guide providing step-by-step walk-through of the FMLA Leave of Absence life-cycle.