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Integrated Service Center

New User Guide: Completing the “Audit Time-off Requests and Timesheets” To Do

July 9, 2018

During the Termination business process, Time and Absence Initiates are sent a To Do notification asking them to “Audit Time-off Requests and Timesheets” in order to ensure all absences and hours worked have been correctly entered for a worker before the termination is completed.

At our most recent Named Support Contact Network meeting, a few attendees requested clearer guidance on what steps they should take to complete this audit. Mercedes Morales, HR Manager for Finance and Administration, has graciously shared several helpful suggestions for completing the audit, and the ISC recently published a new User Guide based on her advice: Completing the “Audit Time-off Requests and Timesheets” To Do. This User Guide provides general guidance around what steps to take and tools to use to complete an audit. We hope you find it helpful!

Please note: Your unit may have more specific processes for conducting and documenting these audits, so please confer with your coworkers about any internal guidelines.

Thank you to our Named Support Contacts for the suggestion, and to Mercedes for her contributions!