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Coming Soon: Revisions to Several Time and Absence Report

July 6, 2018

The ISC Reporting team has been very busy, and we are excited to announce upcoming enhancements to several Time and Absence Reports. You should anticipate seeing these changes roll out over the next week.

  • Changed: R0521 Summarized Time Tracking Audit
    • Formerly R0521.1 Summarized Worker Hours
    • Use this report to audit: unsubmitted and/or unapproved time; overtime; time block overrides; and overlapping Time Off and Time entries
    • Redesign provides time totals for easier scanning, and pop-out window with specific time block details (tip: click on the number in the Workday report)
    • Important: Units still need to run R0408 Zero Hour Timesheets to catch empty timesheets
  • Changed: R0521.1 Detailed Time Tracking Audit
    • Formerly R0521 Reported Time Blocks
    • No large changes, other than the name and number – you can still use this report in the same way you previously used R0521 Reported Time Blocks report
  • Improved: R0032 Workers on Leave (LOA) Audit: Tracking, Paid or Unpaid Time Off
    • Same great report, but now with more detailed help text for interpreting errors and flags
  • Improved: R0408 Zero Hour Timesheets
    • Improvements include more thorough help text, the removal of unnecessary columns, and the addition of the NetID for easier follow up with employees (tip: export to Excel to more easily cut and paste email addresses)
  • Improved: R0500 Time Off and Leave Transactions Awaiting Approval
    • Formerly R0500 Business Process Transactions Awaiting Action – Absence Focused
    • Improvements include the addition of Sup Org details, the removal of unnecessary columns, simplified date prompts, and the addition of both NetID and relevant security role holders for easier follow up with employees (tip: export to Excel to more easily cut and paste email addresses)

With these additions and improvements, to avoid confusion, the ISC will also soon be deprecating several older Time and Absence reports:

  • Going Away: R0283 Unapproved Time in a Pay Period
  • Going Away: Workers Returning From Leave
  • Going Away: Workers Returned From Leave

For more details about the best times to run these reports to help avoid payroll errors and ensure accurate employee pay, more sure to check out the Time & Absence Initiates/Approvers section of our newly published Payroll Impacting Reports by Security Role page.