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Open Enrollment for 2019 Runs November 1-30

All changes must be submitted in Workday by 11:59 pm PST on November 30. Visit our Open Enrollment for 2019 page for details.

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Managers Can Now Run R0020 Compensation Summary by Organization

July 5, 2018

In response to requests from campus, Managers can now run the R0020 Compensation Summary by Organization report in order to review the compensation details for the employees who directly report to them. This report is already available for many elevated security role holders, including Academic Partner, HR Partner, HCM Initiate 2s, Costing Allocations Coordinators, Academic Chair/Chair’s Delegates, Academic Dean/Dean’s Delegates and Additional Approvers.

Managers may wish to use this report as a quicker way to review the complete compensation details of all their employees at once, rather than individually looking up each employee’s record.

The report will provide:

  • Total Base Pay Amounts
  • Allowance Plans, including start and end dates
  • One Time Payments, including reason and completed date
  • Period Activity Payments, including start and end dates

Please note that for best results, this report should be run for a date range that matches a specified pay period. You can refer to the HCM & Payroll Calendar for the exact dates you require.