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Integrated Service Center

Workday Data Integrity

July 2, 2018

The ISC routinely runs and reviews audit reports to catch and correct potential errors in Workday entries. Now that we’re a year in, with much more data entered into Workday, our audit capabilities are significantly improved and we are ramping up our efforts to catch and correct misalignments in order to ensure the overall reliability of the data you see and use in Workday.

Current data integrity projects include correcting the records of employees with FTE greater than 100%, with incorrect Time Types, and with active Period Activity Pay on a position that has an already passed End Employment Date.

Some data errors we discover can be fixed internally at the ISC. But some errors must be fixed by the units; please keep an eye out for emails from the ISC or your HCM Service Partner, as some errors are time-sensitive and payroll-impacting.

Please feel free to visit our new Workday Data Integrity page, which we will be regularly updating with news about current review projects, as well as upcoming audits.