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Guidance: Actual End Date Required in Workday When a Compensation Plan Exists

June 29, 2018

As a reminder, units must provide a compensation Actual End Date in Workday for Fixed Term and Temporary employees when making a change to base salary or an hourly rate. Additionally, the Actual End Date must align with the employee’s End Employment Date.

In order to prevent under- and overpayments, units are encouraged to run the R0321 Upcoming End Employment Dates report every pay period to:

  • Identify any incorrect or missing Compensation End Dates
  • Identify any incorrect or missing Employment End Dates
  • And correct any mismatches between Employment End Dates and Compensation End Dates

Please note: if no compensation plan exists because the worker is an Unpaid Academic, Stipend or Fee-Based employee – or when removing the compensation plan when moving a worker to an Unpaid Academic, Stipend and Fee-Based role – no compensation Actual End Date is required.