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Quarterly Faculty and Summer Hiatus

June 8, 2018

With summer quarter quickly nearing, many 9-month faculty who are not scheduled to teach during the summer are already being placed on “Summer Hiatus” in Workday – a specifically designed “leave of absence” that indicates the faculty member will not be teaching for a designated time period (eg, June 16 – September 15) and temporarily halts pay. Only faculty members with a commitment to return in the fall will be placed on Summer Hiatus, and pay resumes when the faculty member returns.


Many faculty have questions about how Summer Hiatus may impact benefits and benefits eligibility. On May 31, the ISC, UWHR Total Benefits and Academic HR presented a webinar designed specifically for quarterly faculty. The session covered general questions about benefits eligibility for quarterly faculty, provided an overview of Summer Hiatus, and outlined eligibility for off-quarter benefits coverage. If you missed the webinar or were unable to attend, you can still watch a recording of the webinar and review the slides from the presentations:

Additionally, we have recently posted a series of answers to some of the most commonly asked questions faculty have about how benefits deductions work when on Summer Hiatus. Academic personnel who are placed on Summer Hiatus for the entire summer quarter, and who are benefits-eligible, are often especially interested in the “septuple deduction” they will see on their upcoming June 25 paycheck:

If after reviewing these resources you still have questions about Summer Hiatus, please feel free to reach out to your unit’s HR department. Contact the ISC if you have additional benefits eligibility questions.