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Preventing Multiple Academic Appointments from Being Associated to the Same “Employment Position”

June 8, 2018

When adding academic appointments, users have the option to associate the appointment with the worker’s position by filling in the “Employment Position” field. Only primary academic appointments should be associated with workers’ positions. When adding dual appointments, the Employment Position field should be left blank. This ensures that some of our downstream systems that import Workday data receive that data properly.

To help users apply this rule consistently, the ISC recently updated the configuration of the Add Academic Appointment business process and the Update Academic Appointment business process. Now when you go to populate the Employment Position field during either of these business processes, an error message will appear if the selected employment position is already associated with an existing academic appointment. This will prevent users from associating more than one academic appointment with the same position.

For step-by-step guidance about assigning academic appointments and using the Employment Position field, please see either the Add Academic Appointment Track User Guide or Update Academic Appointment Track User Guide.