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Integrated Service Center

Summer Hiatus Webinar and FAQs for Quarterly Faculty

June 6, 2018

Hopefully most of your quarterly faculty were able to attend Thursday’s special benefits webinar hosted by Academic HR, UWHR Total Benefits and the ISC. If some of your quarterly faculty were not able to attend but have questions about the criteria used to determine benefits eligibility or how Summer Hiatus may impact their benefits eligibility, they can still watch the recording of the webinar and review the slide deck:

Additionally, we have recently posted a series of answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about how benefits deductions work when a faculty member is on Summer Hiatus. Academic personnel who are placed on Summer Hiatus for the entire summer quarter, and who are benefits-eligible, are often especially interested in the “septuple deduction” they will see on their upcoming June 25 paycheck. If you have faculty with questions, please share our FAQs for Summer Hiatus Benefits Deductions.