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Workday 30 Release a Success!

Last updated Friday, June 8, 2018

Over the weekend of March 10-11, Workday released their latest feature upgrades to the cloud-based HR/payroll system used by all UW employees. The scheduled, biannual maintenance (Workday performs major system upgrades twice a year) went smoothly, and though the expected downtime to accommodate the release was planned for Friday evening through Sunday evening, Workday was back up and running by Saturday morning at 11:00 am.

Though most Workday updates are behind-the-systems improvements that most employees rarely notice, this round of Workday upgrades included a visibly noticeable change: a brand new look for the Workday homepage.

Though many may wonder why the colorful worklets were changed, this update marks several improvements in the accessibility of Workday, which is an initiative the UW has been driving in partnership with Workday throughout our adoption of the software. The upgrades will help ensure that users of all abilities have a more positive experience accessing and navigating Workday.

Now, when employees log into Workday to enter time, request time off or even download their W-2, they will notice several changes, some of which include:

  • Uniform worklet color and contrast: improves readibility (legibility) for all Workday users
  • Smaller worklets and improved layout: users can see more worklets at a time, reducing need for scrolling
  • New “focus indicator” outline: clearly identifies selected worklet, especially useful for workers using assistive devices or keyboard support to navigate Workday without a mouse
  • More noticeable “W” icon replaces gray “home” icon: select this button whenever you need to return to the Workday homepage quickly
  • New “Notifications” icon on the top of the screen: prominent location means you’ll no longer need to go searching to find your messages
  • New “Inbox” card in prominent position on homepage: displays your newest messages for quicker engagement

The next Workday release is planned for September – keep your eye out on our Workday Release page for more information starting in August!