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Integrated Service Center

Best Practices: Using “Notify Me Later” and “Prompts” When Running Large Reports

Last updated Wednesday, September 5, 2018

The ISC is investigating ways to improve run time for large reports that may overtax system resources. In the meantime, we wanted to share two particularly helpful tips for making sure your own report requests do not hinder system performance:

  • Use the “Notify Me Later” option whenever reports take more than 90 seconds to load.Workday will notify you when the report is finished running, and will deliver an Excel version of the report to your My Reports (formerly the “W:Drive”) in Workday for you to download and review. “Notify Me Later” switches the background processing of the report, thereby reducing the risk of impacting other functionality.
  • Use “prompts” to ensure your reports only deliver the data you wish to see. By carefully filtering what information a report will pull, not only are you more likely to receive the specific information you require, but you also limit how much data a report returns – the wider the net you cast, the longer a report takes and the more resources the report uses. Prompts allow you to narrow a search to only the supervisory organizations you want to review or only the date range that is of interest. Many of our reports allow you to save your prompts as filters (use the grey box at the bottom of the report’s prompt screen), allowing you to quickly input your preferred criteria each time you run that report.

Thank you for your help in keeping our system working optimally!