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Additional Planned Workday 30 Updates

March 8, 2018

As many of you already know, a new look for the Workday homepage will roll out during the biannual update scheduled for the weekend of March 10-11.

If you have employees who appreciate a heads up about major changes, you may wish to email them the link to our Workday Release page, which provides a sneak peek at the new user interface and details how the changes help improve the experience for users of all abilities.

In addition to the brand new look for the Workday homepage, some of the other significant updates you will likely notice when logging into Workday on the morning of March 12 include:

  • New Accessible Version of Form W-2: Users will be able to update Workday settings in order to retrieve an accessible version of the Form W-2
  • Introduction of Payment Elections History Details: Employees will now be able to view the date and time when the last Payment Election changes (such as direct deposit updates) were made, as well as see who made the changes, for better awareness of phishing attempts.
  • Improved User Experience for Change Job and Hire Business Processes: For Workday users who initiate Change Job and Hire business processes, all required fields will now have the red asterisk indicating they are required while several non-essential fields will now be hidden, minimizing confusion and simplifying the user experience.