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New: Accessible Version of Form W-2 in Workday

March 5, 2018

We are pleased to announce that an accessible version of the W-2 is now available in Workday. Employees who use screen readers or other assistive technologies may find this version preferable to the PDF version of the W-2 that has been available in Workday since January.

In order to retrieve the accessible version, users must first configure Workday preferences by taking the following steps:

  1. Select the “cloud” icon in the upper right corner of Workday, then select My Account.
  2. Select Change Preferences.
  3. Under the Account Preferences header, select the Simplified Viewcheckbox, then OK.

Once Workday preferences have been set, employees can follow these steps to retrieve their accessible W-2:

  1. From the Pay worklet in Workday, select My Tax Documents.
  2. Select the Accessible Formbutton to open your accessible W-2.

The simplified view preference will remain enabled for users until they deselect it and in their account settings. At this point, this preference only controls the W-2 accessible form, though we hope future improvements will include other UW-issued tax documents.

The ISC continues to work closely with Workday to address and resolve accessibility issues in an ongoing effort to improve the Workday experience for all users. If you or your employees have suggestions for future accessibility improvements, please email us at