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Integrated Service Center

Managers Can Now Run R0431 Earnings and Actuals Report for Subordinate Sup Orgs

March 1, 2018

Per campus request, Managers can now run the R0431 Earnings and Actuals – Prompt for Organization report for subordinate organizations in their Supervisory Organization hierarchy. Previously, Managers were only able to run the report for their own immediate Sup org, but not for subordinate Sup Orgs.

Some Managers have budget responsibility for subordinate Sup Orgs that have their own time approvers. This change now allows those Managers to run expenditure reports within Workday for the entire scope of their responsibility, rather than having to only rely on reports compiled by their workers who approve timesheets.

Please note: This report does not show retroactive payroll activity. To see retros, unit administrators will still want to review the Earnings and Actuals report the ISC delivers to the major supervisory organizations via My Reports (formerly the “W:Drive”) in Workday.