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Known Issue: Unexpected Routing Workflow for Time Off and Leave of Absence Requests for Employees with Multiple Positions

March 1, 2018
Medical Centers Employees:
Medical Centers Employees: For many Leaves of Absence you will need to complete and submit required forms and your department will process your Leave of Absence in Kronos on your behalf. For Time Off, continue to track and report your requests in Kronos. For questions, please contact your HR Operations office.

PLEASE NOTE: This article is an update to one posted on February 9, 2018 and provides additional information about Academic Personnel absence approval routing.

In Workday, absence requests made by workers with multiple positions – specifically Staff employees with multiple positions, Academic Personnel with multiple academic appointments and Academic Personnel with additional staff campus position(s) – will route to ALL of the worker’s Time & Absence Approvers for review. As a result, a Time & Absence Approver may receive absence approval request alerts for a position they don’t supervise. Ideally, absence requests would only route to the Time & Absence Approver(s) for the position these requests are tied to, but this is unfortunately not possible at this time.

Staff Campus – Multiple Positions

Example: Employee Jones has Position 1 in Supervisory Org A, Position 2 in Supervisory Org B, and Position 3 in Supervisory Org C. When the employee requests time off for Position 1, the business process routes to the Time & Absence Approvers for all three Supervisory Orgs (A, B and C).

Workaround: When an absence request for a worker with multiple positions is initiated, the security role holder (eg, the Time & Absence Approver) should review the approval request in their Workday Inbox to confirm whether the request is actually for a position in their Sup Org. If the request is for a position not associated with their Sup Org, the approver can safely disregard the approval request. Once the approver for the applicable position completes the approval, the approval request will no longer display in any security role holder’s Inbox.

Academic Personnel – Multiple Academic Appointments

Absence requests for Leaves of Absence are routing to the proper security role holder within the employee’s Supervisory Organization, as expected. However, for Academic Personnel, Workday also routes absence requests for Leaves of Absence to security role holders within the employee’s Academic Unit(s) – which are the organizations in Workday associated with the employee’s Academic Appointments. Depending on the Leave of Absence type, a request may route to the Academic Partner, the Academic Chair/Chair’s Delegate and/or the Academic Dean/Dean’s Delegate role holders. This may not be an issue when the elevated security role holder in a Sup Org is the same for an Academic Unit.

Example: Faculty Smith has a positon in CAS: Geography Supervisory Org A, a Primary Academic Appointment in Geography and a Joint Appointment in Statistics. When Faculty Smith’s Academic Partner initiates an absence request for a Personal (Non-Medical) Leave of Absence, the absence request approval routes to the Academic Chair/Chair’s Delegate for CAS: Geography Supervisory Org A, AND Geography and Statistics. The same routing error is repeated in the next step of the routing process, going to the Academic Dean/Dean’s Delegate for the Sup Org and the two Academic Units for approval.

Workaround: Same as the Staff Campus scenario above: each approver should review the approval request in the Workday Inbox and disregard if the Absence Request is associated with a position the approver does not support.

Academic Personnel – With Additional Staff Campus Position(s)

When an Academic Personnel also has a staff position, unexpected routing will occur when an Absence Request for Time Off is initiated for the worker’s Staff position. More information about, and a workaround for, this particular scenario is included in the Request Time Off User Guide, under the “Multiple Positions – Primary Position is Academic Personnel” section.