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Now Available: New and Updated Time & Absence Resources

February 8, 2018

We are pleased to announce several new and updated resources for navigating Time Tracking and Absences in Workday.

Absence Resources

New: Two new User Guides highlight the necessary steps for taking Paid Time Off and Unpaid Leave for military requirements:

Updated: Additional information has been added to the Shared Leave User Guide, outlining the steps the recipient of the Shared Leave must complete in order to request the absence, as well as the steps the donor must complete in order to donate the Shared Leave Time Off.

Feel free to share these User Guides with employees, as well as anyone in your department who initiates or approves absences for employees. These User Guides can always be found in the User Guide Library.

Time Tracking Resources

New: A new Job Aid on Work Schedules provides an overview of Work Schedule naming conventions, validating and updating Work Schedule Assignments, and how retroactive updates may impact employees’ Work Schedules. We especially recommend the decision tree at the start of the Job Aid, which provides a diagram explaining when an exact work schedule match is important and when to contact the ISC if the schedule you’re looking for is not on the list.

For more details about the Work Schedule business process, you can also refer to the Assign Work Schedule User Guide.

Updated: Additional information has been added to the Flexing a Work Schedule Job Aid, including a review of the two different methods for managing a worker’s ad hoc schedule change (with a duration of two weeks or less), My Team’s Schedule functionality and logging Flex Time Worked in the Enter Time process.

These topic-specific job aids can always be found on the Quick Guides & Job Aids page. While they are designed for Time & Absence Initiates, Time & Absence Approvers and Managers may also find these resources of interest.