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Integrated Service Center

New Look for Payslips and Updated “How to Read Your Payslip” Guide

February 2, 2018

If you looked at your last payslip, you may have noticed a few enhancements. The ISC, in partnership with the Medical Centers, recently updated employee payslips (both paper and online in Workday) to be both easier to read and to provide more detailed information about the employee’s earnings.

Specifically, employees will notice:

  • Improved layout, making the payslips easier to read and print
  • Detailed earnings report, which now displays rates for overtime and shift premium earnings

In tandem with the payslip modifications, the “How to Read Your Payslip” page on the ISC website has also been completely revised. In addition to several helpful viewing tips, the redesign provides:

  • Easier page layout and navigation
  • More robust description of each of the 11 different sections of the payslip
  • Clearly labeled screenshots for easy identification of each of the 11 different sections of the payslip
  • Deeper dive into the different types of earnings that could be reported on payslips (see the Appendix on Earnings)
  • Examples to illustrate some of the more complex scenarios employees may see on their payslip, especially useful for employees looking for clarification regarding FLSA Overtime, Shift Premiums and Retro Pay on their payslips