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Integrated Service Center

Moving Student Workers Between Sup Orgs

February 2, 2018

As we shared at the UWHR/ISC Administrators’ Forum, you can now move student workers from one supervisory organization to another using the Change Job – Data Change process.

HCM Initiate 2s will use the reason code “Date Change – Supervisory Organization Move Only.” The request will then route to the HR Partners for approval.

For step-by-step guidance, please see the new Move Student Workers User Guide.

Important considerations:

  • The ability to move workers between sup orgs is currently an option only available for Student Workers
  • And it only works when moving the student employee from one Job Management supervisory organization to another Job Management supervisory organization.
  • As a reminder, no other attributes can be changed other than the sup org, manager and business title.

You can still make requests to move staff and academic workers by:

  • Contacting the ISC for moves related to data clean up, submitting a Sup Org Change Request
  • Contacting UWHR to initiate changes due to reorganization