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Integrated Service Center

Guidance: Preventing Creation of Erroneous/Duplicate Tickets

Last updated Wednesday, January 17, 2018

As you know, a ticket is created when a user emails the ISC ( with a Workday issue. Additionally, we encourage users to “cc” other interested individuals on that email in order to add them to the ticket’s Watch List; this is a great way to keep those individuals informed about the creation or status of the ticket.

However, if anyone on that thread “replies all” to the original email (which includes as an addressee), a brand new ticket is created at the ISC. This causes a backlog in the ISC ticket queue, slows down the processing of other tickets and produces confusion and frustration for users who are trying to track the progress of their case.

To help facilitate the resolution of your tickets, please:

  1. When responding to email threads, make sure to delete the ISC Help email address from the to/cc line.
  2. When responding to the ISC or adding details to a ticket in progress, only reply to the confirmation email received from the ISC when the ticket was first created – this will keep all responses in one ticket.

Thank you for your help!