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Integrated Service Center

Anti-Phishing Precautions for Workday

January 17, 2018

Phishing scams are a routine part of life. With UW employees becoming increasingly familiar with receiving Workday notices and following links included in important communications, here are a few important reminders:

1. The most secure way to navigate to Workday is by using the “Sign in to Workday” link found on the ISC website.
We suggest using this link when you need to access Workday, or if you are ever worried that you are seeing a phishing email disguised as an email from Workday. Any communication that arrives from Workday in your email inbox (eg, Outlook) will also always be found in your Workday Inbox (use the Inbox worklet) or your Workday Notifications (use the Cloud icon).

2. You will always be asked to log into Workday with your UW NetID and password – if you’re not asked to log in using your UW credentials, do NOT trust that link.
If you followed a Workday link in an email you received, but the login screen for your UW NetID and password doesn’t appear, we recommend closing out of your web browser immediately. You can then log into Workday from the “Sign in to Workday” link to confirm the message as outlined above.

3. You will always be asked to use two-factor authentication (Duo/2FA) to access or update your private information in Workday.
Using 2FA is how you know your private information (like your address or your tax documents) is secure. When accessing your private information, 2FA adds an extra layer of security by asking you to assert your identify a second time, using a method or channel (for example, a cell phone) to which the phisher/scammer does not have access.

If you are ever concerned about the authenticity of a message that appears to be from the ISC, please feel free to contact us to confirm we sent the email – we are happy to help!

For UW recommendations about how to avoid phishing scams, please see the Office of the Chief Information Security Officer’s Phishing page and Phishing Examples page.