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Two Easy Steps for Preparing for Tax Season

December 8, 2017

In prior years, department payroll coordinators have been in charge of distributing employee W-2s. Starting January 2018, all employee paper W-2s will now be delivered by mail – unless the employee has opted out of receiving paper tax forms in Workday.

In order to ensure that your tax documents are securely and accurately delivered, the ISC is asking every employee to take the following two actions:

1. Opt Out of Paper Tax Forms:

The University of Washington strongly encourages all employees to opt out of receiving paper W-2 tax forms, and to instead retrieve tax information online through Workday. Because UW employees must use two-factor authentication (2FA) to access tax documents in Workday, your online forms are very secure; paper tax forms can be at risk for theft or loss when delivered through the mail. Thanks to the UW’s adoption of 2FA, there is no longer a 24-hour security delay to access your tax forms. You can access your W-2s instantly, as soon as they become available in January – two weeks earlier than when paper tax forms will be mailed.

Bonus: opting out of paper tax forms reduces paper use, saves energy and cuts costs! You can read more about going green for tax season on the UW’s sustainability blog: Opt Out of Paper Tax Forms.

Opting out of receiving paper tax forms only takes a moment:

  1. From the Pay worklet in Workday, under View, select My Tax Documents.
  2. Under Printing Election, select Edit. Then select OK at the bottom of the next screen.
  3. Select the Receive electronic copy of my Year End Tax Documents button (the red asterisk just means one of the two choices must be selected), select OK at the bottom of the screen, then select Done.

You will be able to access your tax documents online as soon as they become available in early January.

2. Make Sure You Have Designated a “Mailing Address” in Workday:

Workday does not automatically designate your Home Address as your “Mailing Address” – but designating a current Mailing Address is critical for ensuring you receive your W-2. Even if you’ve opted out of receiving paper tax forms (above), verifying your Mailing Address is still necessary in case there is any situation that requires a paper tax form to be sent. (Your Mailing Address is also used for other important reasons, such as if your paycheck needs to be mailed or the UW has critical communications that you should be receiving.) It’s easy to confirm everything looks correct:

  1. From the Personal Information worklet, under View, select Addresses.
  2. Select Edit at the top of the screen that lists your Home Contact Information and your Work Contact Information.
  3. Under Home Contact Information, find the address you want your tax forms sent and select the Pencil Icon.
  4. In the Usage field, select Mailing from the menu.
  5. Select Submit and then select Done at the bottom of the screen.

You can check out the Edit Personal Information User Guide for more information about different address types and step-by-step guidance on any updates you need to make.

Thank you for taking these important steps for preparing for the upcoming tax season!