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Open Enrollment for 2018 Now Closed

November 2, 2017

Open Enrollment for benefits-eligible employees of the University of Washington closed as of midnight Pacific Time on Thursday, November 30, 2017. This hard deadline is set by the Health Care Authority (HCA). Your next opportunity for making enrollment changes to your health plans without experiencing a life event will be next November during Open Enrollment.

Look for a Benefit Election Confirmation email that will be sent through Workday in mid-December. This email will reflect your 2018 benefit elections.

To review any Open Enrollment changes you made:
Login to Workday and visit the Archive tab in your Workday Inbox (located next to the Actions tab). You will see an Open Enrollment Change message that displays your 2018 elections.

To review your current 2017 benefits elections:
Login to Workday, select the Benefits worklet, and then select the Benefits Election tab under View.