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Important Payroll Calendar Update: New Dates for Time and Absence Transaction Deadlines*

October 2, 2017

Time and Absence Transaction Deadlines – highlighted in red on the 2017 Campus Payroll and HCM Transaction Calendar – will be changing beginning with the pay period ending October 31, 2017 (payday November 9, 2017). All timesheets must be submitted and approved by 9:00 pm, on that date marked in red, in order for Payroll to process pay. Moving this deadline back by 12 hours is necessary in order to meet integration deadlines for Financial Accounting System (FAS) and posting to MyFD.



OLD: Time and Absence Transaction Deadline NEW: Time & Absence Transaction Deadline
November 6, 17 November 5, 16
December 6, 19 December 5, 18
January 5 January 4


You may wish to update your calendars with the new deadline dates, and/or update your web browser bookmarks to the new 2017 Campus Payroll and HCM Transaction Calendar.

Please be sure to communicate the deadline changes to your unit’s staff.


* Note: Not applicable to Medical Centers, as they have separate payroll deadlines.