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Integrated Service Center

Update to I-9 Process in Workday

September 12, 2017

As you may have noticed from running the “Worker I-9 Audit for Current/Previous System” report, I-9 processes appeared incomplete if an employee had not submitted the “To Do: Provide I-9 Coordinator with acceptable identification.” For the sake of ease and clarity, the ISC has removed this step from the process. From now on, when the Complete I-9 process is initiated in Workday, instead of a To Do, workers will receive an email notification reminding them to provide acceptable identification.

Processes initiated prior to the afternoon of August 18, 2017 will still include this To Do step. The ISC will continue to do daily audits of these processes and cancel this step as they are found.  More detailed instructions are available in our related news item:  Action Required – Switching to 2017 Form I-9.