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Integrated Service Center

Return from Academic Summer Hiatus

September 7, 2017

Wondering what you need to do in Workday with all of the faculty coming back from Summer Hiatus? Good news: the ISC will do the work for you! We will perform a mass Return Worker from Leave process for all faculty who are on Summer Hiatus Leave and have an “Estimated Last Day of Absence” of September 15, 2017. This mass load will be processed on September 18. No manual return is needed on your part, unless your faculty need to be returned from leave prior to September 15 (i.e., their first day back at work is before September 16) – in which case you’ll need to do the Return Worker from Leave yourself.

IMPORTANT NOTE: After this mass conversion, departments will need to verify individual FTE for each faculty member returning from Summer Hiatus, and adjust it via the Change Job Business Process (with a reason code of “02 – Summer Faculty FTE Change”) if needed. Run the “Academic Summer Hiatus FTE Audit” to determine which faculty accounts to double-check.

For more information about Summer Hiatus, see our Summer Pay Hiatus webpage, and also the Leave of Absence – Summer Hiatus – Academic Personnel User Guide.