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Integrated Service Center

Action Required – Confirm Your Web Browser is Workday-Supported by September 9

August 30, 2017

With Workday’s planned fall release on September 8, any worker who uses an older version of Internet Explorer (versions 7, 8, 9 and 10) as their web browser will need to upgrade to Internet Explorer 11 (IE 11) or switch to another Workday-supported internet browser in order to continue using Workday. This upgrade may impact many Workday administrators and employees across campus. Please take a moment to confirm your own internet browser is Workday-supported, and then please communicate out to your teams about this upgrade requirement.

Workday-supported web browsers include: Internet Explorer 11, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Apple Safari.

Why Is Workday No Longer Supporting Early Versions of Internet Explorer?

In January 2016, Microsoft stopped support of Internet Explorer versions 10 and earlier; only Internet Explorer 11 currently receives technical support and security upgrades. Older browsers are simply not able to keep up with many of Workday’s enhancements; modern, newer browsers that are able to provide the speed and usability that Workday requires for optimal performance.

What Happens If I Don’t Upgrade to IE 11?

If you continue to use Workday without upgrading to IE 11 or switching to another Workday-supported browser, it is very likely you will experience issues accessing and using Workday. The ISC does not recommend using old versions of Internet Explorer, as Workday does not provide support for issues involving non-supported browsers.

If I Need to Update to IE 11, What Should I Do?

To update your computer’s IE version, see Microsoft’s Download Center. You may need to contact your IT department or system administrator to install any updates on your UW-issued computer.

What If I Can’t Update to IE 11?

If you are unable to update to Internet Explorer 11, you will need to switch to a Workday-supported browser, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge or Apple Safari.

To learn more about this issue, or for more details about Workday-compatible web browser options, visit our Workday Computing and Browser Requirements page.