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Integrated Service Center

Recording Labor Day & Holiday Time Off

August 21, 2017

ISC REMINDER – Labor Day, Monday, September 4, is the next scheduled UW holiday for which many employees need to record “Holiday Taken Time Off” in Workday. This applies to all staff and librarians who accrue time off and would normally work on the day on which a holiday falls. For example, if you work Monday through Friday and the holiday falls on a Monday, you need to record that you are taking the holiday off.

Medical Centers employees, please see below.

Campus Staff and Librarians

Previously, no action was required around UW holidays. In Workday, however, all paid holidays must be recorded with the “Holiday Taken Time Off” time off type on the actual date of the holiday.

⇒ If you are taking the day off on Labor Day:
Sign in to Workday and follow the steps in the Holiday Taken Time Off Quick Guide. Your request will automatically be approved.

⇒ If you are working on Labor Day:
You don’t need to take any action. You will accrue Holiday Credit for working on the UW holiday. The Holiday Credit can be used for time off at a later date.

You may plan ahead and record your intention to take the day off for all upcoming UW holidays through January 2018.

The requirement to record “Holiday Taken Time Off” applies to staff and librarians, with the exception of Department of Intercollegiate Athletics (ICA) coaches and academic personnel (faculty, residents, fellows, and other academic staff) who do not need to track time off for holidays in Workday.

Medical Centers Employees

Medical Centers employees report holiday hours time off in Kronos.

If you do not enter holiday time off, you will accrue holiday credit for working on a UW holiday. Any holiday credit that is not used will be paid out annually in the pay period ending September 30th.