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Integrated Service Center

Workday Week 2 Update

July 3, 2017

ISC UPDATE – Here are several important updates and announcements as we enter our second week of operations in Workday.

Payroll Reports – Monday July 3rd

The Costing and Payroll Reports, located on the ISC website HERE, will be available for you to run mid-morning on Monday. If you notice any discrepancies in the reports notify the ISC as follows:

  • Underpayment – Follow the directions for underpayment, available on the ISC website HERE, and put in the subject line of your email: URGENT Payroll – Underpayment, your department name, the Employee ID, and your Workday Unit Code (formerly PUC). Describe what is missing or the wrong amount. The following roles can run this report: Costing Allocation Coordinator, Time and Absence Approver, Time and Absence Initiate.
  • Missing Employee – Email the ISC at with the subject line: URGENTMissing Employee. The following roles can run this report: Manager, Costing Allocation Coordinator, Time and Absence Approver, Time and Absence Initiate.
  • Overpayment – Correct the time entered immediately. If an overpayment occurs because the time entered was not accurate, contact the ISC at with the subject line Overpayment. The following role can run this report: Costing Allocation Coordinator.

Monday 9:00 pm – Payroll / HCM Deadline

Previously we had communicated the cutoff for the July 10th payroll as Wednesday, July 5th at 8:30 am. To ensure that the ISC has enough time to process the transactions to completion, HCM transactions (e.g., Hires, Terminations, etc.) must be completed in Workday, by the department including department approvals, by 9:00 pm Monday, July 3rd to meet the upcoming payroll deadline.

Employees in Default Supervisory Orgs

If an employee resides in a default supervisory organization, the ISC will approve their time, for this Payroll cycle only. The expectation is that all employees will be in the correct supervisory organization by the next payroll cycle. The ISC will provide a report of employees whose time was mass approved.

Time Entry Missing Approval

If you have not already submitted a ticket and you have time entry transactions that are routing to an approver that will be unable to approve the time, the ISC will ensure that the time entry is approved and ready for processing in the upcoming payroll. The ISC will provide a report of employees whose time was mass approved.

Leaves and Time Off

The ISC and HRPM Support team members are in the process of auditing employees who are on Leaves of Absence and may require Time Offs to also be entered to reduce an employee’s pay. We are not able to assume a worker is fully on unpaid status when on a leave. If a leave of absence is partial, partial day time off should be entered. Examples of this would be: Cyclic Leave and Personal Leave (Non-Medical). This does not include Summer Hiatus as that Leave Type, on its own, will prevent the employee from being paid. If you need assistance with time off entry, contact the ISC at with the Subject Line of: Incorrect Leave and Time Off.

While this audit is taking place, we ask that you ask the Time and Absence Initiates in your departments to review employees that converted in a Leave status. If Time Offs were available from OWLS to convert for the month of June or if there were LWO distribution lines in OPUS, those amounts were brought over. However, that was not always the case and these may need to be entered to adjust the amount an employee is paid. If you notice any discrepancies, contact the ISC at with the Subject Line of: Incorrect Leave and Time Off.

For more information, please reference the following user guides:

Leave of Absence – Leave Without Pay User Guide

Request Time Off User Guide

Good News: Student Flat Fee

Student flat fee is back. You can now enter the one-time payment in Workday for student hourly employees.

Comp Time and Holiday Credit Payout

Refer to the Enter Absence – Administrative User Guide, located on the ISC website HERE, to transact cash-outs of comp time and holiday credit for the June 30 deadline.

If we noticed payout in ETR but not a corresponding action in OWLS (this function was turned off deliberately), we have zeroed out the balance to ensure the balance would not again be paid. If it has not been paid and the balance was converted, transact the cash-out effective June 30th accordingly. As always, extensions to the deadline should go through UW HR Campus Operations.

Reporting Labs This Week

Have reporting questions? Having trouble running reports? Bring your questions and issues to our Reporting Open Lab.

The Reporting Labs planned for this week, Thursday 7/6 1 pm-3 pm and Friday 7/7 9 am-11 am, will be hands on working sessions. We do not have a planned agenda and we won’t have any presentation material. Rather, we will have our reporting experts on hand to help you optimize your reporting capabilities in Workday and work through any issue you may have.

Due to space limitations we only have room for 1 person to attend per unit. Please submit the name of the person attending for your unit to your Change Manager and we will send the calendar invitation to that individual.

Interactions with the ISC

In general, the more information you can provide in a ticket the better able we are to respond to you in a timely manner. If a structured case exists for a transaction, please use it. If not please be as detailed as possible with your requests to include: Employee ID, Supervisory Org ID, etc. where appropriate. Your time and attention when submitting a ticket to the ISC will greatly assist us in resolving the issue.