Get Ready for Workday!

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Why Workday?

This new system will go-live on June 27, with the July 10 paycheck being the first paycheck coming out of Workday.

Workday has the potential to transform the way we work at the University, making us more efficient, streamlined, and employee friendly. Benefits include:

  • Significantly improves human resource and payroll operations.
  • Strengthens security and compliance.
  • Provides better data for decision making.
  • Reduces duplicative efforts.
  • Ensures the use of up-to-date technology.

Read more about the UW’s implementation of Workday

Say Goodbye to ESS

In just a few weeks, the UW’s 35-year-old human resources and payroll software system is being replaced by Workday. This modern, cloud-based software system will ensure the human resources and payroll software is up-to-date, easier-to-use, and more secure.

With this change, the UW’s legacy employee self-service (ESS) is going away and all UW employees will use Workday’s self-service functions starting June 27.

Top 3 Steps to Get Ready

To get prepared for the coming changes, the following are the top three items to complete before the new system goes live:

  • Review and update, if necessary, all personal information (especially the listed home mailing address) in employee self-service (ESS) by June 19 to ensure all personal data is accurate before it is migrated into the new employee self-service web portal. Confirming the accuracy of the listed home address is especially important because:
    • For employees currently receiving printed paychecks, starting in July, printed paychecks will no longer be delivered to work areas. Printed paychecks will only be mailed to the listed home mailing address.
    • If the listed home mailing address is outside the State of Washington, state tax may be withheld. For more information, click here.
  • Enroll now in two-factor authentication (2FA) through Duo, which is required to access Workday.
  • Learn about Workday by watching the Workday 101 videos.

Staff and Faculty Checklists

For more details about how to get ready for Workday you can review the Staff Workday Go-Live Checklist and the Faculty Workday Go-Live Checklist.

Integrated Service Center

For additional and ongoing support, the Integrated Service Center (ISC) will be available starting June 27 as a resource for UW employees to get help (by email, phone, or in-person at the UW Tower) on questions about human resources, payroll, benefits, and time tracking.

Mobile support units will be available the first two weeks following go-live for added support.