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COVID-19 Update: Workday Support Available Online/Phone Only

In accordance with recommendations by Public Health – Seattle & King County, as of Monday, March 16, the ISC has moved all Workday support to online or phone options only. Walk-in support at the UW Tower has been temporarily suspended.

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U-PASS Deductions

Published on Wednesday, July 10, 2019

As part of the 2019-2021 bargaining agreements, the University will be offering fully subsidized U-PASSES for certain classified employees, effective July 1, 2019.

Wondering why you still have a U-PASS deduction on your July 10 paycheck?
U-PASS deductions on the July 10 paycheck are for the June 16 – June 30 pay period. If you qualify for a subsidized U-PASS, your U-PASS deductions will stop as of your July 25 paycheck. 

Wondering if you are eligible for a subsidized U-PASS?
Visit the Labor Relations’ website to see if you qualify.

Please feel free to email if you have any questions about this benefit!

Learn more about U-PASSES from UW Transportation Services.