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Workday Reports

Last updated Monday, January 6, 2020

Need help with a Workday report?
Complete the Workday Reports Help request form for assistance.
Med Centers Employees: If you cannot find a report that meets your needs, email the WMS Team for assistance.

In This Section

⇒ Reports 101
For administrators new to Workday reports, Reports 101 provides tips on how to find a report, how to run a report, and how to filter report results in Workday.

⇒ Payroll-Impacting Reports
Help ensure your employees are paid accurately and on time by running these payroll-impacting reports every pay period. Search for reports by Security Role or by Deadline.

⇒ Report “Deep Dives”
Find in-depth guidance at Report Deep Dives for running and interpreting some of the most common Workday reports.

⇒ Workday Reports catalog
The Workday Reports catalog provides information about each individual Workday report, including its name, description, and details about who can run the report.

If you regularly run and use Workday reports…
You may be interested in signing up for a free Excel course through UW-IT’s Learning Technologies Workshops. Beginning or Intermediate Excel courses are available, and can provide you with helpful insights and tips about how to format spreadsheets, organize data, apply formulas, and use VLOOKUP and pivot tables when working with Workday reports.

Courses are an hour and a half long and are held at Odegaard Undergraduate Library. You can sign up on UW-IT’s Learning Technologies Workshops page.