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Supervisory Organizations

Last updated Wednesday, March 21, 2018


A Supervisory Organization (Sup Org) is a logical grouping of workers through a position-to-position structure which represents a single, direct, primary management relationship (in the form of a hierarchy) of employees who report to the same manager.

A Supervisory Organization can be a business unit, department, group, or project.

Jobs, positions, and compensation structures are associated with Supervisory Organizations, and workers are hired into jobs or positions associated with a Supervisory Organization.

Departments may have multiple Supervisory Organizations.

Business processes can be assigned to a Supervisory Organization.

All approvals and checklists are established for the Supervisory Organization hierarchy, with possible variations for particular organizations within that hierarchy.

Information on types of Supervisory Organizations

Medical Centers: Request a Sup Org Change or Reorganization

To make changes to your supervisory organization(s), email with details about the type of change you’re requesting.

A member of the WMS team will create a ticket for your request and, if necessary, follow up with you for additional details.

UW Campus: Request a Sup Org Change or Reorganization

As part of the ISC’s commitment to continually improve the service we provide to campus, a streamlined process for submitting sup org change requests is being developed. While that work is underway, the following interim process should be used to submit requests to change/update supervisory organizations and/or move workers. Please note, if your request is related to an organizational restructuring, start by reaching out to your HR Consultant.

After attaining the necessary approvals and documentation, a Supervisory Organization’s HR/Academic Partner should:

1. Refer to the table below for the spreadsheet appropriate to the type of change needed.
2. Download and complete the spreadsheet (Microsoft Excel required).
3. Email the completed spreadsheet to with the Subject “Sup Org Request.”

Request type Spreadsheet required
Create a new sup org that does not exist in Workday Workday New Supervisory Organization Request
Create a new sup org that does not exist in Workday, and move workers into it Workday Move Workers to New Supervisory Organization Request
Update a sup org that already exists in Workday Workday Update Existing Supervisory Organization Request
Move workers into a sup org that already exists in Workday Workday Move Workers to Existing Supervisory Organization Request

Please Note:

  • Only a Supervisory Organization’s HR/Academic Partner or a superior Supervisory Organization’s HR/Academic Partner may submit Sup Org changes.
  • Any required internal department/unit approvals should be completed prior to submitting a spreadsheet.
  • All required training for the new Security Roles must be completed prior to submitting a spreadsheet.
  • If the Security Role assignment is a result of a job and/or position change (i.e. promotion, transfer), confirm the Job Change is completed in Workday prior to submitting the spreadsheet.