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Supervisory Organizations

Last updated Friday, November 22, 2019

What is a Supervisory Organization?

Supervisory Organizations (Sup Orgs) group employees into a management hierarchy and are a foundational aspect of Workday. Sup Orgs provide structure for:

  • Organizational hierarchy
  • Routing of business processes
  • Managing staffing
  • Assigning support roles to groups of employees

A Sup Org can be a business unit, department, group, or project. Jobs, positions, and compensation structures are associated with Sup Orgs, and workers are hired into jobs or positions associated with a Sup Org.

Sup Orgs are not used to manage finances and financial responsibilities. These are addressed primarily through Cost Centers (budgets).

Information about requesting a new Sup Org or a change to an existing one can be found below.

Staffing Models

In Workday, every Supervisory Organization has a staffing model. There are two types of staffing models: Position Management (PM) and Job Management (JM).

Position Management

Advantages and highlights:

  • Data:
    • Tracks unfilled, filled, closed, and frozen positions.
    • Tracks history of position as people come and go while maintaining continuity.
    • This data helps Sup Orgs plan better for vacancies/filling.
  • “Setting up” new hires in existing positions is simple and saves the time of having to create a new one each time.
  • Hiring restrictions are set on the position.

Position Management populations are:

  1. All staff, including UW Medical Centers
  2. Academic:
    • Indefinite and Multi-Year
    • Librarians
  3. Contingent Workers – Managers Only

Job Management

Advantages and highlights:

  • Provides flexibility in hiring by relying on staffing workflows and approvals, as opposed to permanent position fills. Funding can also be more flexible as a result.
  • Data:
    • Track and report on filled jobs only.
  • Less administrative burden on hiring manager, fewer transactions in Workday.
  • Hiring restrictions are set on the Sup Org.

Job Management populations are:

  1. Students
  2. Academic – short-term. Some examples include:
    • Academic Staff
    • Educators
    • Extension Lecturers
    • Faculty (Annual or Shorter)
    • Medical Residents/Fellows
    • Senior Fellows/Trainees
  3. Contingent Workers – Non-Managers

Request a Sup Org Change

Note for Medical Centers staff:
To make changes to your Supervisory Organization(s) or to Move Workers, please email with details about the type of change(s) you’re requesting. A member of the WMS team will create a ticket for your request and, if necessary, follow up with you for additional details.

If your Sup Org change request is related to an organizational restructuring, rather than following the proceeding instructions, please contact your HR Consultant for assistance.

I Need a New Sup Org…

Create New Sup Org
To request the creation of a new Sup Org that does not exist in Workday:

  1. Download the Workday New Supervisory Organization Request (Excel) spreadsheet.
  2. Complete the spreadsheet as needed.
  3. Upload the completed spreadsheet via the Request a New Workday Sup Org form.

Create New Sup Org and Move (non-student) Workers To It
As of May 23, 2019, this process has changed to the following two-step procedure:

  1. Request the creation of the new Sup Org using the Create New Sup Org steps described above.
  2. Use the Move Workers process to move workers (including students) into the newly-created Sup Org.

I Need to Modify an Existing Sup Org…

Update or Inactivate Existing Sup Org
To request an update to, or inactivation of, a Sup Org that already exists in Workday:

  1. Download the Workday Update or Inactivate Existing Supervisory Organization Request (Excel) spreadsheet and fill out the appropriate information.
  2. Complete the spreadsheet as needed.
  3. Upload the completed spreadsheet via the Update or Inactivate Existing Sup Org form.

Move (Non-Student) Workers to Existing Sup Org
As of May 23, 2019, this process has changed. Use the Move Workers process to move workers (including students) into an existing Sup Org.

Considerations for all Sup Org Change Requests

  • Only a Supervisory Organization’s HR/Academic Partner or a superior Supervisory Organization’s HR/Academic Partner may submit Sup Org changes.
  • Any required internal department/unit approvals should be completed prior to submitting your request.
  • All required training for the new Security Roles must be completed prior to submitting your request.
  • If the Security Role assignment is a result of a job and/or position change (i.e. promotion, transfer), confirm the Job Change is completed in Workday prior to submitting your request.