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Legacy Systems

Last updated Thursday, March 29, 2018


Workday contains sufficient employee information to support Workday business processes, but does not have the full HR/Payroll history for employees. For example, Workday has the employee’s original start date, current position, and leave balances, but does not have information on past positions, academic history, or leave history. Workday also has the necessary information to act as the single source of year-end tax reporting for the year of implementation, including year-to-date payroll activity for employees who have left the UW prior to go-live.

Because it is not feasible to load all UW employment and payroll history into Workday, the HRPM program is developing a mechanism to retain (in read-only form) critical employment and payroll history data that will not be loaded into Workday.

Data Availability

  • A limited set of pre-Workday systems are available for a finite period of time in read-only capacity.
  • The ISC will provide training and documentation to ensure users have the information they need to access resources.
  • Internal Audit (IA) has access to all read-only systems during Workday stabilization.

Systems With Post Go-Live Access

System Description Audience / Duration of availability
Employee Self-Service (ESS) (Legacy)

Payslips, timesheets, leave balances, tax forms.

Current employees and individuals that separated from the UW within the last 3 years will continue to have access to certain pay information via the legacy UW ESS system or Workday. The appropriate system depends on the date the document was issued:

  • For 2014-June 2017, use the ESS link at left.
  • For July 2017-onward, use Workday.

Workday should be used to make any changes to an employee’s record including changes to addresses or personal information.

Access to either system requires UW NetID credentials and enrollment in Duo for two-factor authentication.

Employee-as-self, Internal Audit, Central Business Units

36 months

HEPPS HR and Payroll status.

Access mechanism is legacy HEPPS green screen (read-only).

ISC, Internal Audit, Central Business Units*

12 months

Lawson Medical Centers HR – Performance reviews, licenses, certs, etc.

Access mechanism is legacy Lawson UI (restricted access).

UW Medicine
HR, Internal Audit12 months
LTR Departmental leave and time reporting.

Access mechanism is legacy Pathology LTR interface (read only)

Campus HR administrators, Internal Audit

84 months


Job history audit trail.

Access mechanism is new PERM Retrieval UI, linked at left.

ISC, Campus HR administrators, Internal Audit, Central Business Units

60 months

OWLS Leave activity and balances.

Access mechanism is new “Leave Retrieval” application (read only).

ISC, Internal Audit, Central Business Units

12 months

Prime Academic appointment history.

Access mechanism is AHR Prime UI (read only).

Academic HR, Central Business Units, Internal Audit

120 months

T&BA Medical Centers time and leave.

Access mechanism is T&BA Archive (read only).

UW Medicine, Internal Audit


*Central Business Units – Units that perform HR/Payroll functions for campus, including Human Resources, Academic Personnel, Payroll, and Compensation offices.