Integrated Service Center

Other Compensation Types


Allowances are added via a Compensation Change. Allowances are paid out in regular reoccurring amounts. Allowances can be a traditional allowance such as a location allowance, or a temporary addition to pay such as an administrative supplement. Allowances may be paid in a flat dollar amount, percentage of another amount such as base pay, or based on units. Different allowance amounts can be set for different employee types using profiles on the allowance.

Allowance options include:

  • Administrative Supplement
  • Temporary Increase (Non-Academic)
  • Location Allowance
  • Endowed Supplement
  • Mobile Service Agreement
  • Chief Resident Supplement

Allowances for salaried employees that are percentages of base pay are calculated on the salary plan amount, not based on actual hours worked. The result is that they are not impacted by leave without pay hours. Costing Allocation implications should be identified by the unit and communicated within the unit prior to the initiation of this process.

On-Time Payments

One-Time Payments are single installments for services rendered, a job duty fulfilled or a lump sum payment based on an agreement.  There are several reasons why an employee can request a one time payment, some examples include:

  • Moving Expense Payment
  • Relocation Incentive
  • Fee Based Assignment
  • Work Study Award Set-up

Period Activity Pay

Payment for defined activities. Period activity pay allows for the tying of payments to UW defined activity periods (academic quarter, academic year). Pay amounts are entered along with a payment period which allows Workday to calculate the number and amounts of each payment. For example, a $2,400 stipend paid out over six pay periods would result in six $400 checks.

Period activity options include:

  • Stipends/Fellowship
  • RA/TA Quarterly Supplement
  • Supplemental Activity (Academic)