Integrated Service Center

Mobile Support Units

Last updated Thursday, December 14, 2017

Mobile Support Units

Mobile Support Units (MSUs) provide targeted Workday help and training to your unit. ISC representatives will travel to your offices to work on site with administrators on their unique challenges and pain points. Please note, Mobile Support Units are designed to assist administrators, which includes anyone with one of the following security roles:

  • Academic Partner
  • HR Partner
  • Initiate 2
  • Time and Absence Initiate
  • Costing Allocation Coordinator
  • Additional Approvers 1 and 2

The MSUs are specifically designed to assist your administrators with Workday transactions and technical information.  They are also a great opportunity for an ISC representative to train administrators on answering employee questions and  helping troubleshoot employee issues.

How to Request an MSU

Mobile Support units can be requested by Unit Change Leaders (formerly known as Readiness Leads). Start by filling out the Mobile Support Unit Needs Assessment, which provides us with a clear picture of your unit’s needs and determines which ISC representatives to send.

Once you’ve completed the assessment, a representative will reach out to you in order to coordinate the meeting date and time. You will be responsible for reserving space and communicating the visit to the administrators in your unit.