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Hire Wizard

Last updated Wednesday, August 8, 2018

The Hire Wizard is a web form that is completely separate from Workday. It reduces duplication of records when adding people to Workday by checking for existing personnel data in the UW’s person registry and the student database.

Accessing and Using the Hire Wizard

The Hire Wizard is not a general-use tool; only specified users have access to it, such as those who can initiate a hire in Workday.

Hire Wizard

For more information, refer to the Hire Wizard User Guide.

Processing Different Populations

The Hire Wizard is used for all hires that do not go through UWHIRES. This includes students, academic personnel, and contingent workers.

  • For student hires – Personnel data will already be in the student database and the person registry, so the Hire Wizard will check information by querying both. The initiator of the hire process can use this information and any other appropriate information to determine whether the student is eligible for hire. Please note that the hire wizard does not automatically disqualify ineligible students.
  • For other hires – The likelihood of existing personnel information is lower. However, it is still important to check the person registry in order to avoid duplicate Employee IDs (EIDs) and UW NetIDs from being created in Workday.

Transmitting Information

Where appropriate, the Hire Wizard will create a pre-hire record in Workday. The following information will be transmitted to Workday for hires that are initiated using the Hire Wizard:

  • Full legal name
  • SSN
  • EID (if applicable)
  • Student number (if applicable)
  • UW NetID
  • RegID
  • Birth date
  • UW NetID of the submitter