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Last updated Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Delegation is a process in Workday that directs tasks from one individual’s inbox to the inbox of another person with the same assigned Security Role. The purpose of Delegation is to ensure that a Business Process is not delayed due to an Approver being out of the office.

When tasks are delegated to a person, that person can switch accounts in Workday to perform the tasks on behalf of another user.

Delegation does not remove responsibility (ownership) for the task from the user it was initially assigned to and, when the delegation period ends, any incomplete delegated tasks revert to the original owner.

Request a Delegation

Before Starting…

Delegations are security-role sensitive, so tasks can only be delegated between workers who have compatible security roles. Before submitting a request, refer to the delegation matrix (PDF) and review the following best practices:

  • Tasks performed by a Time and Absence Approver should be delegated to another Time and Absence Approver, but can be delegated to anyone who has the appropriate oversight to approve time sheets and/or absence requests for that that supervisory organization, except for that org’s Time and Absence Initiate. This ensures separation of duties, so a person entering a time transaction is not the same person who approves it within that Supervisory Organization.
  • Tasks performed by and HCM Initiate 2, HR Partner, and Academic Partner can only be delegated to others who hold that role or have completed and passed the related training and assessment.

Submit a Delegation Request

Complete and submit the Workday Delegation Request form:

Request a Delegation

Note that the requestor must be either:

  • The person that is delegating, or
  • The Initiate 2 for the Supervisory Organization in which the individual with the delegation sits, or
  • The HR/Academic Partner for the Supervisory Organization in which the individual with the delegation sits, or
  • A person in the superior Supervisory Organization.

Manage Delegations: Will you be out of the office and have a Workday Security Role?
Prior to leaving, complete and submit a Delegate Request form. Select Manage Delegations to name a temporary delegate for your security role(s) in Workday.

Manage Delegations delegates all items related to a security role.

The ISC will review and process your request.

Delegate Task: Need a Task already in Someone’s Workday Inbox to be reassigned?
Delegate Task is used in the event that someone with a security role is unexpectedly out of office, and your unit needs an in-flight business process to be reassigned to another person in order for it to move forward.

Complete and submit a Delegate Request form. Select Delegate Task to name the business process and a delegate for the single task.

A separate form must completed for each Business Process task that needs to be delegated.

The ISC will review and process your request.

A task was reassigned to me but I can’t see it in my inbox. What do I do?
If a reassigned task isn’t showing up in your inbox, you can navigate to it another way. When tasks are delegated to you, you can switch accounts to perform the tasks on behalf of another user.

The Switch Account Option:

  • Select the cloud icon in the upper right corner of the page.
  • From the drop-down menu, choose Switch Account.  This option presents you with a list of users who have delegated Inbox tasks to you.
  • Select the user for whom you want to act as a delegate to see the Inbox tasks delegated to you.
  • To switch back to your Workday account, select Switch Account again, and select your own name.