Integrated Service Center

Costing Allocations

Costing Allocations are needed when the funding for an employee’s position is made up of more than one cost center (UW budget). Accordingly, if the position is made up of just one cost center (UW budget) the cost center in the position’s Organization Assignments will dictate distribution. The allocation of costing happens at many levels:

  • Worker/Position (Job)
  • Worker/Position/Earning
  • Earning (Tenant-wide)
  • Payroll Input Overrides
    • Payroll Input using a specific cost center
    • Time Tracking time block overrides

Costing Allocation Considerations

  • Costing distribution within the costing allocation must always equal 100% which is a new concept
  • Costing Allocations can be applied to all compensation or a specific type plan, like an allowance
  • Workers with no costing allocations, or those with a single cost center (UW budget) assigned, will have all salary expenses charged to the position’s Organization Assignment for cost center
  • Project Cost Accounting can be added to a costing allocation, but cannot be a distribution of effort without a cost center associated with it. Additionally, PCA codes can be added at the hours block level in Time Tracking along with an associated cost center.
  • If costing information is entered in Pay Input or on time blocks in Enter Time, Costing Allocations are overridden