Changes to Workday Support

Last updated Thursday, July 6, 2023

With the introduction of Workday Finance, where you go for Workday support now depends on WHAT you need help with.

  • The ISC remains your source for Workday HCM (HR and payroll) support.

    Questions about new Workday Finance processes (procurement, grant management, travel reimbursements, etc.) involve different support resources.

The new UW Connect Finance portal is your first stop for self-help with new financial processes in Workday: we recommend adding it to your Favorites/Bookmarks in your web browser.
Go to UW Connect Finance
Your department’s finance staff/business office can also help you with Workday Finance questions as well as your use of the UW Connect Finance portal. If you’re not sure who your department-level finance contacts are, ask your manager.

Understanding “Workday HCM” vs. “Workday Finance”

I’m an EMPLOYEE. How/When do I use…

Support for the following continues to be provided by the ISC.

Subject/Activity Examples
Employee onboarding
  • Completing your Form I-9
  • Updating your W-4
  • Setting/updating your payment elections (direct deposit)
Managing your Personal Information
  • Home Address
  • Mailing Address
  • Emergency contacts
  • Legal name
Reviewing payslips and tax documents
  • Overpayment
  • Underpayment
  • Replacement Checks
  • Deductions
  • W-2
Time entry
  • Submitting, approving, and correcting your timesheet
Requesting absences
  • Requesting Vacation/Sick time off
  • Entering Holiday Taken Time Off
  • Requesting a Leave of Absence
Enrolling in benefits/changing benefits
  • Life Events such as birth/adoption, marriage/SRDP, gain of other coverage
  • Open Enrollment

Consult UW Connect Finance and/or your unit’s finance team/Shared Environment for support on the following.

Subject/Activity Examples
  • Travel reimbursement
  • Travel spend authorization
Non-travel reimbursements
  • Ad-hoc payments
Purchase requests
  • Request requisition

IMPORTANT NOTE: Questions about your paycheck are Workday HCM, not Workday Finance.


Support for the following is provided by the ISC.

Subject/Activity Examples
Business Processes that update Worker Position information
  • Create Position
  • Hire
  • Add Additional Job
  • Change Job
  • Termination

…and others.

Business Processes that update Worker Payroll information
  • (NEW!) Payroll Accounting Adjustments
  • Assign Costing Allocations
  • Request Compensation Change
  • One Time Payment
  • Period Activity Pay

…and others.

Business Processes that add/change an Academic Appointment
  • Add Academic Appointment
  • Update Academic Appointment
  • End Academic Appointment
Reviewing associated payroll and position reporting
  • Confirming entry/approval of timesheets and absence requests
  • Completion of costing allocations for workers
  • Review of earnings and actuals
Managing and tracking employee leave status
  • FMLA tracking
  • Returning employees from Leave of Absence

Medical Centers employees use Kronos for time tracking; questions should be directed to

Consult UW Connect Finance and/or your unit’s finance team/Shared Environment for support on the following.

Subject/Activity Examples
General Accounting
  • Request a worktag
  • Process journals
  • Allocate costs and revenue
  • Manage reporting and compliance
  • Month/Year-end close
  • Add suppliers
  • Purchase requests
  • Manage requisitions
  • ProCards
  • T&E compliance review
  • Miscellaneous payments
Supply Chain
  • Strategic sourcing
  • Manage inventory
Miscellaneous A/R
  • Request new customers
  • External billing
  • Invoice adjustments
  • Customer contracts (service contracts)
  • Internal Service Delivery (ISD)
  • Collections
  • A/R aging
Post Award Research Administration
  • Manage sponsored spend
  • Sponsor billing
  • Effort reporting (ECC)
  • Sponsor collections
  • Sponsor A/G aging
Manage Cash & Invested Funds
  • Apply and record payments
  • Banking and accounting
  • Gift and endowments
  • Investment activity
Manage Assets
  • Setup and manage asset registration
Manage Projects
  • Project setup
  • Project accounting
Manage Budgets
  • Workday Adaptive
  • Funds transfers

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